Unique Crochet Bikini to Express your Personality

The hand-knitted tops, bottoms and accessories made by Russian professional artisans with love

About Us

Who we are:

We are based in Russia and we are not indifferent to the fate of the adult generation. Our dream is to provide a stable underwork and earnings for women of retirement age.

Why do we do this:

The average pension in Russia is $200. It is very difficult for people to manage comfortably on such a sum. The size of the consumer basket in our country is approximately equal to the average pension. This means that the majority of Russian pensioners can only afford to buy something to eat, and after all it is still necessary to pay utility bills, electricity and water. There is absolutely no money left.

Our project was created primarily in order to provide the needy pensioners with a regular full salary.

We knit the clothes with love and affection. Each thing is made by hand by our most caring artisans in the world.

Now 3 artisans work with us: Maria Ivanovna, Tatyana Vladislavovna and Elena Petrovna. They have been knitting for more than 50 years.

We want to share with you stories from the lives of our grannies to explain why they are knitting things with such zeal and trembling.

When Did You Learn to Knit?

Maria Ivanovna

The Artisan

"After the war, in my native city Perm, there were almost no shops, but I wanted be in good looks. Now it is difficult for young people to understand this, but it was almost impossible to get good clothes.

There was a deficit. The yarn was difficult to get and if it appeared in stores (very rarely and in great demand), then we took a lot - "in reserve". My mother and I were knitting beautiful dresses for ourselves".

Maria Ivanovna - 70 years old

"During the Second World War my granny knitted mittens and socks for fighters to the front. Then she taught me how to knit. We, women, also wanted to take part and help men defend the country. We put all the love and tenderness into those things that we do. Now I remember with tears of joy and sadness that time". 

Elena Petrovna - 63 years

"My grandmother taught me how to knit when I was 7. She was always a fashionista and knitted cloaks, collars and even dresses. She told me that everyone at work admired her outfits. I wanted to be like her, and since then, I've started knitting.

I am very pleased to participate in the project, because I feel how my skill has swept through the years and I am still able to give joy".

Tatyana Vladislavovna - 67 years old

Our Location

Borchaninova str., 3, Perm, Russia, 614068

Ulitsa Borchaninova, 3, Perm, Permskiy kray, 614068